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RMT Diploma Program

Our Massage Therapy Program involves over 2200 hours of learning such as in class lectures and practical experience. We offer program start dates 3 times per year. Winter session in January, Spring Session in May and Fall Session in September. Day Classes run Monday to Friday from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. Evening Classes run Monday to Friday from 6:30-9:30 and Saturdays for clinical and practical labs. 

During Term 1 and Term 2 emphasis is placed on learning basic knowledge of the Human Body. In Term 3 and Term 4 the focus will be on the application, knowledge, and the refinement of clinical skills.

Students will learn vital information that will help them excel in communication, professionalism, organization and time management skills that is required upon graduation. There will also be field trips to medical laboratories, cadaver laboratories, hospitals, office functions, rehab clinics and sporting events.

Massage Therapy Diploma Overview: Total 2200 hours

Massage Therapy: Year 1 ( 960 hours )
1Anatomy and Physiology I200 h
2Pathology I100 h
3Professional Development I30 h
4Palpation Lab I40 h
5Massage Theory and Techniques200 h
6Clinical Assessment I70 h
7Public Health40 h
8Hydrotherapy I60 h
9Therapeutic Exercise I40 h
10Treatment Massage I100 h
11Research I30 h
12Massage Therapy Clinic I40 h
13Outreach I10 h
Massage Therapy: Year 2 ( 960 hours )
14Anatomy and Physiology II170 h
15Pathology II90 h
16Professional Development II40 h
17Palpation Lab II30 h
18Advanced Massage Theory and Techniques100 h
19Clinical Assessment II100 h
20Hydrotherapy II50 h
21Kinesiology and Therapeutic Exercise II80 h
22Communications60 h
23Foundations of Wellness50 h
24Business Management60 h
25Massage Theory and Treatment Techniques II200 h
26Research II30 h
27Massage Theory Clinic II150 h
28Outreach II40 h

Why Choose Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy?

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with small class sizes to provide a better one on one opportunity. RCCMT is centrally located in the Greater Toronto Area, is accessible by public transit and within 5 minutes to highways #401 & #404/DVP.

Additional Information

Advanced Standing

Each Application is considered on an Individual Basis, please contact us to book an appointment with our Admissions Department. Be prepared to bring all relevant documents to support your application.

Continuing Education

Our programs and courses offered through Continuing Education are scheduled seasonally throughout the year. The current schedule being offered can be viewed by clicking on "Continuing Education" from the menu.


Applications and admission requirements must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to course commencement.

Tax Deduction

A student enrolled at RCCMT may claim a tuition tax credit for any tuition paid by the student for that year. An official income tax receipt will be issued to all students.

CMTO Compliance and KPI Upload

All Registered Massage Therapy enrollment and graduate files are regularily updated with MTCU. These files have been uploaded into KPI until the end of 2016 (KPI Reports will be posted once available), and all information has been provided to the CMTO.

Admission Requirements

  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Mature Students must PASS a Superintendent approved qualifying test
  • A score of 20 or higher on the Wonderlic
  • Medical Certificate, including health (free of communicable disease with up to date immunization status) and fitness exam
  • Hepatitis B immunization (strongly recommended)
  • Clear Police Check for Criminal Record
  • Letters of Reference (2)
  • Valid Standard First-Aid & Completion
  • Proof of having one (1) Massage Therapy Treatment by a Registered Massage Therapist
  • Written Essay 500-1000 words on "Why I want to become a Massage Therapist"
  • Admissions Interview to determine suitability for the Program

Application Process

Applicants who do not meet any part of the Entrance Requirements will be considered on an individual Basis.

Within 1-2 weeks of receipt of your application and documents, you will be notified whether you have met all requirements for admission to RCCMT. If not, we will let you know about any items missing or if further steps need to be taken.

Students with diplomas or courses in the following programs are eligible to apply for our advanced standing program:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DCM)
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (OD)
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Graduates from a recognized Master of Science or Phd Program

Job Postings

We are constantly being called and emailed by potential employers. Many possible job opportunities are available for RMT's, please call us or come in and look through our employment postings binder. We would happy to assist you in finding a job that is right for you. We keep all resumes and applications on file so, please feel free to send us an email and/or fax with your resume. We will post positions as they come available on our website.

Graduates and Alumni

We post any outside positions available on our Bulletin Board at the College for your viewing.


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RMT Diploma Program

Term 1 and Term 2 emphasis is placed on learning basic knowledge of the Human Body. In Term 3 and Term 4 the focus will be on the application, knowledge, and the refinement of clinical skills.


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