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Canine Massage Therapist Certificate Course:

The Canine Massage Certificate course is broken down into 2 segments: Part 1 and Part 2.  Both are required to be certified as a Canine Massage Therapist with the ability to practice in Ontario. *please check your province for guidelines through your local Veterinary College.

Canine Massage is a 4 Day 2 Part Intensive course offered 4 times per year.

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold a spot.

2024 DATES:


             Cost: Part 1 - $$999 + Part 2 - $$999


Terms & Conditions:

Textbooks Required: (Available at Chapters online and through Amazon, please order hard copies not digital)

Duration: From 9am to 5:30pm

Note: At home study is required prior to the course and after.

Location: TBD

Introduction: Dogs are cherished members of our family and pet parents have become increasingly interested in using holistic therapies, such as Canine Massage to complement Veterinary care for treating common injuries and conditions.  Massage can be used as part of an overall prevention, wellness and fitness strategy, or to help your dog recover from a particular injury.  Massage has its place in all stages of a dogs’ life. 

Course Description: Canine Massage Therapy Level I is suitable for dog owners and dog lovers who have either no massage experience or knowledge of anatomy, or have a basic knowledge and skill set. It is also required for any RMT wishing to expand into canine massage therapy. You will be certified to practice Canine Massage Therapy in Ontario, or simply be equipped with lifelong skills to increase the health and well being of your dog. 

Part I of the course covers principles, history and benefits of massage, types of massage, canine behaviour and contra-indications to massage. You will learn basic canine anatomy and physiology and massage techniques and how to apply them.  You will also be guided through a massage sequence. Students will learn how to use their hands and proper body mechanics.

Part 2 of the course has the participant massaging a dog on their own and delving deeper into technique.  We go further into anatomy and kinesiology of the dog and you are guided through range of motion exercises.  We cover necessary forms and how to work with clients. The course also covers canine nutrition, setting up a business and marketing yourself as well as the case studies required to complete your full certification. On the final day you will be required to pass a written test with 70% passing grade as well as complete a massage on your own.

The Canine Massage Therapy course requires some self study at home prior to course start date as well as after.  Upon satisfactory completion of the two parts you will receive a 40-hour Certificate for the Onsite portion of the course. Upon handing in your 4 case studies you will receive 120 Hour Certification In Canine Massage Therapy.





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