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Welcome to the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy

RCCMT is dedicated to promoting alternative medicine in Canada. Our aim is to maintain the highest standards of education and training in Massage Therapy and Alternative Health Care.

RCCMT has pioneered, developed and passionately grown in the field of Registered Massage Therapy, by providing what we believe to be the best Massage Therapy Education available. We offer small classes, allowing for focused one-on-one instruction with a unique integration between the college and our student clinic.


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Our Programs


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality. Learn the basics of Reflexology which focuses on human anatomy, physiology, foot and hand reflexology.

Advanced Standing RMT

Healthcare professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and kinesiologists can integrate RMT skill set into existing practice.

Medical Acupuncture Program for Professionals

Learn dry needing technique & many powerful protocols to incorporate into your professional practice.


Become an expert in aromatherapy; learn history, application best practices, chemistry, botanical classification, aromatherapy massage & risks with essentials oils.

Cosmetic Acupuncture (CA)

Five to fifteen years of the facial effects of aging may be erased with cosmetic acupuncture techniques.

Provincial Certification Prep

Ensure your success at the provincial RMT board exams. Runs 8 weeks with final comprehensive exams including MCQS and OSCE stations.

Hot Stone Massage

Learn how to perform massage with hot basalt stones and incorporate into your existing practice Included treatment protocols and cleaning and maintaining the stones.

Cupping Therapy

A valuable treatment using by Chinese medical doctors for thousands of years. Use this modality to help improve circulation and increase recovery time by using cupping protocols.

Thai Stem Massage

Learn ancient techniques of Thai Stem Massage to reduce pain and inflammation with essential oils and steamed bags. The warm steamed bags are great on aching muscles.

Auricular (Ear) Therapy

This technique is one of the most widely used systems in eastern medicine. Can help treat physical mental and emotional imbalances. Highly effective and extremely gentle.

Indian Head Massage

Learn to give Indian Head Massages of the scalp/head, neck, shoulders, and back to reduce tension and inflammation. Similar to the seated chair massage.

Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxa, Tuina & Simple Herbal

The RRCMT has been offering TCM programs for over 10 years with graduates successfully practicing worldwide.


When learning Reiki you will notice changes within you and outside of you that will be even more amazing!

Osteopath Certification

Participants will gain valuable knowledge to prepare for a profession in osteopathy, chiropractic or RMT.

Chair Massage

A great addition to the basic chair course and learn Nayada’s innovative BodySaver techniques.

Health & Fitness Training

Health is a fast-growing industry in Today's green revolution. Become certified as an Integrated Health & Fitness Training Professional.

Canine Massage

Add Canine Massaging to your existing skill set and help improve dogs' health, fitness and learn to prevent & treat injuries.

CPR / First Aid

Become knowledgeable with emergency practices and Standard First Aid to be ready to lend a helping hand in case of emergency.

Essential Oil Safety

Students learn safe practices and crucial safety requirements when applying essential oils to skin.

TENS / Ultrasound Courses

TENS / Ultrasound courses offer certification to professionals in these important procedures.


This course provides therapists with theory and practice in the application of kinesotape.

Holistic Practitioner Course

Upon successful completion of these five modules, the candidate will receive this certification as a Holistic Practitioner.
February 2018

Upcoming Program Dates

25th Hot Stone Massage Certificate Course

High grade wholesale stone sets by Carbo Medical.

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March 2018

Upcoming Program Dates

10th Aromatherapy Professional Certification

24th Reiki Level I

Reiki is one of the fastest growing alternatives to medicine. It is the ancient healing art of channeling energy into the body to assist and promote balance of mind, body and soul.

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25th Reiki Level II

Reiki is one of the fastest growing alternatives to medicine. It is the ancient healing art of channeling energy into the body to assist and promote balance of mind, body and soul.

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April 2018

Upcoming Program Dates

07th Indian Head Massage

14th Canine Massage Therapy Course Level 1 (Session 3)

14th Hot Stone Massage Certificate Course

High grade wholesale stone sets by Carbo Medical.

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14th Thai Stem Massage

21st Reflexology Certification Course

30th RMT - Part Time

30th Exam Prep Course

30th RMT - Full Time Evening Classes

30th RMT - Full Time Day Classes

Our Massage Therapy Program involves over 2200 hours of learning such as in class lectures and practical experience. We offer the program every January and September. Classes are Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 pm.

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May 2018

Upcoming Program Dates

05th Indian Head Massage

06th Hot Stone Massage Certificate Course

High grade wholesale stone sets by Carbo Medical.

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06th RMT Advanced Standing

This is a Full and Part Time RMT Diploma Program. Runs Monday to Friday. Practical and clinical - flexible on weekends.

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Reflexologists & Chair Massage practitioners: Ontario government wage subsidies available.

The Ontario government provides a subsidy for 6 months of wages for Reflexologists and Chair Massage practitioners. Graduates of the Reflexology and Chair Massage programs will have jobs lined up to practice and get the clinical hours needed for the certification and also have work after completion of the program. Training modules will run every 6-8 weeks. Both of these modules will include business training and professional development, and law and ethics. Contact us at: info@rccmassage.com for more information.

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Second Career Program:

Attention all Second Career Applicants, Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy will be holding an information session for any potential students of RCCMT in acquiring Second Career funding. This session will help applicants with completing and submitting their applications to Second Career. We know this can be a very frustrating experience. With Mr. Graham's assistance and instruction, if you are eligible, in-all-likelihood, you will get approved in time for the May start date of our Massage Therapy Program.Mr. Graham is an expert at acquiring funding for eligible students applying for schooling, including funding through Second Career. He has succeeded in helping well-over 500 people get approved for funding. The first step is to get in touch with us at info@rccmassage.com.

What is Second Career?

The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy in Toronto offers courses in Registered Massage Therapy, Dog Massage, Reiki Training, RMT Aromatherapy Professional Certification and much more. We offer Advanced Standing in RMT for Doctors and a Medical Acupuncture Program for Professionals.Canadian government education grant now available for holistic practitioners certification

Looking to move into the health care field ?

  • Helping People
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Unlimited Potential Income
  • Rewarding Field

You may quality to have your health care certification paid for by the government and many employers are already looking to hire holistic practitioners.

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

When I arrived, the staff were very friendly in checking me in. My masseuse, Riya, was great. She did an overall health check with me before starting and listened to my main areas of concern. Her supervisor came in during (they are students after all) and she reiterated what I had told her my problems were and the supervisor suggested providing me with stretches to do at home. Riya was really good and her pressure was very strong, just what I needed. Felt really good after the massage, and she gave me the stretches she thought would be best for me and checked out my range of motion to see if I still felt discomfort. Will definitely be going again! - June 19, 2017

Stefanie L

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

New therapists/students, but well trained and very professional. Great massage for a small price. - January 2, 2017

Mary S

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

Great massage. Great price. I bought several for myself. - September 17, 2016

Nidia Z

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

Excellent opportunity to receive a quality massage at an affordable price. Students are well trained and supervised and all staff are extremely friendly. - April 2, 2017

Marilyn C

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

A very professional place. The students are all good, even the junior ones. They are courteous, listen carefully to your concerns, and address them specifically in the massage. I have always been more than satisfied with them. I woykd highly recommend them to others. - May 3, 2017

Satish R

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

Massages have been very good and at times, better than those given by professional therapists. - June 12, 2017 

Mary J.

What Our Graduates & Clients Say:

This may not be a fancy spa but the student therapists are fantastic and provide incredible value if you need a true therapeutic massage. After a car accident I've been a regular attendee. Their therapists offer top level service. -  April 11, 2017

Dan C.


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