Dmytro Bryushkov, RMT
Dmytro Bryushkov, RMT
Director of Education, Instructor

Dmytro Bryushkov, Educational Director of the Royal Canadian College and Instructor of the Clinical and Health Sciences, graduated from Elmcrest College in 2003 with an Honors Diploma. He practices in the MVA rehabilitation clinic.

He was surgeon-oncologist in Ukraine, where he worked for 12 years, and was also a lecturer of regional and surgical anatomy in the Medical School of Dnipropetrovsk University for 2 years. Dmytro is a kettlebell lifter, Master of Sport of Ukraine, ex-record holder and ex-champion (1984) of Ukraine, and certified kettlebell-lifting instructor.

He developed a new remedial exercises modality: kettlebell lifting therapy (his article entitled "Introducing Kettlebell Lifting Therapy" was published in Ontario RMT magazine in 2010). Dmytro enjoys teaching because learning is a dynamic process of gaining new knowledge not only for students, but for a teacher too.

Accordingly to the Ukrainian proverb, "If you live one century - study for one century".