with Cupping, Moxa, Tuina & Simple Basic Herbology

(2-3 year Acupuncture Diploma Program - 2200 hrs)
Course dates: On-Going, September, January, March & June.

Image result for yin yang, 5 elements chinese medicine signsThe RRCMT has been offering TCM programs for over 10 years with graduates successfully practicing worldwide. Our comprehensive Acupuncture Diploma program is designed to prepare students with a strong solid TCM foundation as well as preparing them for the CTCMPAO requirements for registration in Ontario for their career as an R.AC (professional acupuncturist). Students must present case studies, a 1000 page thesis and pass both exams from the RCCMT and the Pan-Canadian Examinations. U

pon successful completion, they will receive a billing number used for extended health benefits. Included in the program is the following with Western allopathic medicine so as to  further bridge understanding of the two medical practices.

What is TCM

Image result for acupunctureTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest systems of medicine in history, with records dating back thousands of years. It is a comprehensive holistic medical system including acupuncture, tuina massage, moxabustion, guasha, and herbal medicine. TCM today has thousands of evidence based research studies recognizing its efficacy with hundreds of different health challenges. Yet it is artistic in nature, partly based on Daoist truths whereby everything is interconnectedfrom the macrocosm to the micrcosim of our universe.TCM is an "energy" system where one part of the body affects every other. 

TCM speaks of "qi" and how it constantly needs to be checked, regulated and balanced within our sometimes stressful lives. When one is tired and pale, qi is deficient. If one has nausea, their qi is going the wrong way. When one suffers from pain, qi is stagnant. Add Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, and one can begin to see just how amazing these simple TCM concepts are and yet how complex they can become if they are not balanced and regulated before escalating out of control. Thus we learn the importance of taking baby steps daily as a method of prevention and quality of life.Using the various meridians/channels/paths throughout our body, TCM acupuncture corrects the flow of qi, amount of yin and yangwhich can cause illness - restoring the body, mind and shen to balance to maintain optimum health. TCM presents a new way of looking at things. At the RCCMT, we clearly explain and demonstrate theories and concepts through our innovative, intensive and comprehensive classes, books, clinics and personalized mentoring staff.

Admission Requirements

Health Care Professionals / Transfer Students

Previous education, especially in Health and Sciences may be eligible for advanced standing which could reduce tuition. Please contact our Department Head to discuss your situation on: (905) 308.3438 or (905) 923.9550 (mornings between 9-11am Monday-Fri)


Our curriculum includes:

  1. TCM History, Anatomy/Physiology
  2. Jurisprudence, Clean Needle Technique and Safety program
  3. TCM Theory and diagnostic skills
  4. Meridians/Channels/Points
  5. Acupuncture Techniques and Treatment
  6. Acupuncture Clinical practice
  7. Tuina Massage Techniques
  8. Neuro Acupuncture
  9. Biomedical theory and Application
  10. Pharmacology
  11. Tai Chi/Chi Gong
  12. Case Studies

We offer special classes for Health practitioners. Financial support. Please email us for further information.

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